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6) Local Native Plant Gardens Promote a Personal Connection to our Natural Areas

The next advantage of using local native plants concerns one's personal connection to nature. This advantage ties in directly with one of the biggest advantages of living in San Diego. Compared to most cities, San Diego is unique in the extent to which our urban and suburban areas are threaded by canyons and other open spaces that actually still have remnants of original native plants communities.

It is not surprising then that living with a garden populated with local native plants can deepen one's sense of connection to the natural areas that surround us. What was surprising for me to discover is that this process is reciprocal: the more one learns from watching and living around the native plants in one's garden, the more one appreciates seeing them and learning how they behave in their natural setting, which perceptions, in turn, teach one how to look anew at the plants in one's garden.


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